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  • Cheers to 2024: Your Free Printable Calendar Planner Has Arrived!

    Hello, Wonderful Community, As we step into the promising corridors of 2024, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our much-anticipated free printable yearly calendar planner! Drumroll, please! Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to all our amazing visitors for your continuous appreciation and support for our calendar planner over the years. Your enthusiasm fuels our…

  • Navigating the Waves of Change: A Peek Behind the Scenes

    Hey there, dear users and readers, The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for our dedicated team here at the tuition agency. We wanted to take a moment to share some insights into what’s been happening behind the scenes, as well as some exciting updates. First and foremost, it was a period…

  • It’s the quality of the tutor that counts

    Smart Tuition focuses a lot on the character of the tutors who have signed up with us. We believe tutoring is not only about producing good academical results; every tutor is a role model and has to set a good example for the students. Hence, we have been trying very hard to filter our list…

  • 2021 Calendar Planner and Calendar

    We have released our printable Calendar Planner and Calendar for year 2021. If you find them useful, please share them with your friends!

  • Exams Results Release Dates – PSLE, GCE N, O, A level

    MOE has released the tentative dates for the results release for PSLE, GCE ‘N’, GCE ‘O’ and GCE ‘A’ level examinations. They are: PSLE 25 to 27 November 2020 GCE N(A)/N(T)- Level 17 to 21 December 2020 GCE O-Level 11 to 13 January 2021 GCE A-Level 19 to 23 February 2021 The exact dates would…

  • 2019 GCE O Level Result Release

    The results of the 2019 GCE O-Level examination will be released on Monday, 13 January 2020. Best of luck to all the candidates! For all the past and estimated future PSLE, GCE-N, GCE-O, GCE-A result release dates, do refer to our website.

  • GCE ‘N’ Level Result Release Date 2019

    The GCE ‘N’ Level 2019’s results will be released on 19 December 2019. Good luck to all the candidates! For result release actual and estimated dates, do visit our website – PSLE, GCE ‘N’, GCE ‘O’, GCE ‘A’ level result release page.

  • PSLE Results 2019 – 21 Nov 2019

    PSLE results will be out on Thursday, 21 November, 2019, as announced by MOE. For all the previous and future (estimated) results release for PSLE, GCE N, GCE O and GCE A, do refer to our result release page.

  • Calendar Planner 2020

    Our Calendar Planner for 2020 is out! For people who may prefer writing down on physical papers instead of purely depending on digital calendar, you may like to try it. Simply download it and print the pages out on A4 size papers. The columns of the days are neatly spaced out eventually to occupy much…

  • Coding revamped

    We have recently made a lot of revamping to the codes in order to improve security. These changes won’t be reflected to visitors visibly. Since the project is a massive one that involves numerous scripts, there’s always chances that bugs would occur. Last month, we were informed by one of our tutors who tried to…

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