Tuition Agency Met Spambot

Smart Tuition Singapore is proud to announce that a couple of hours ago, we have received the first spam entry ever.

The spambot has targeted the Request for Tutor Form, thinking that it is a web form for a forum. The business process of our tuition agency is not affected for we have merely received an email, causing a false alarm that there is a new home tutor request.

Why are we so happy then?

It is because the attack from spambot means that Smart Tuition Singapore’s popularity in the world wide web (WWW) is high enough to attract spammers. The spambots value our traffic and try to gain popularity from inputting their web url. However, we do manual checking on all information before we approve them, such as the Home Tutor List and Tuition Assignments List; thus spambots will not affect us.

This is the reason for us to put up a simple Maths equation at the bottom of every web form, which is to reduce the number of spamming from the bots. Kindly pardon us for the extra measure you have to do when you try to contact us. We need to differentiate humans from bots.

We are still growing – we develop and improve on our weakness – do grow with us. Stay with us and see the difference.


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