Updates for Registered Home Tutors

Greeting! Ladies and Gentlemen!

Thanks for staying with our tuition blog all these while. We have been busy, or rather, very busy for the past few weeks. The number of tuition assignments have increased tremendously and we have been receiving too many home tutors’ applications for them. We are really sorry if we have not done enough to satisfy anyone (parents or even our registered tutors), but rest assure that we are doing our best!

We are still trying to improve on the tuition system in every aspect, in order to speed up the process of matching students with home tutors, and also, to make everyone more convenient. We are going to upgrade our tuition system as accordingly and we are sure that tuition assignments will be handled much better and faster soon – because we do give tuition, coordinate the tuition assignments and we program the tuition system by ourselves. Which system can be better than a system that is created by the end-user itself in the long run? We are always improving to keep up with changes.

We are proud to announce the latest updates for all our valuable home tutors. Registered home tutors can now view the status of their document submission once they log in. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the enthusiastic home tutors for submitting their documents to us. The soft copies of the scanned identification card and certification help us to verify the home tutor’s identity and educational background; and we take it very seriously to assure the parents and students of the standard of our home tutors, such that every home tutor has to submit the documents once the tuition assignment is confirmed. All home tutors, however, are still required to bring along their original documents during the first lesson. As a benefit to home tutors who have submitted their documents to us for verification purpose, we will rank them higher and they will appear higher on the tutor directory than home tutors of the same qualification.

Another major update is for the editing of home tutor’s profile. We have disabled updating to some of the fields, which are not necessary for changes. For example, a registered home tutor can no longer change his or her gender at the Edit Profile page. For home tutors who have made a mistake during registration, do contact us with the correct information and our dear webmaster, which is me, will do the appropriate changes accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience caused but we have to scale down the possible problems for we have been receiving too many new registrations everyday.

We hope our effort in making tuition in Singapore simple is visible to everyone. We are excited to bring you more features soon!


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