Home Tutor Login has Regained Function

Dear tutors,

The tutor login page is back in action after down for the entire afternoon. We have yet to receive any response from the webhost’s technicians regarding the real issue but are glad enough that it is already working.

We suspect it is due to lack of memory space allocated for storing the session. This is why the entire site together with database were working during the “down” period.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused when you tried to login to update your profile or to apply for tuition assignments.

This is the first time such incident has happened and we will continue to monitor our webhost before taking any action. Overall, the webhost seems to be quite reliable and we will continue to stick to it until it fails us again.

Meanwhile, if you face any problem with the website, do continue to feedback to us.


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  1. Isabella avatar

    This really made my day, thanks for sharing! Best Regards, Isabelle

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