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Weeks ago, we have implemented a simple filtering feature on our home tutors listing page for parents/students to search for a specific type of tutor.

Based on Tutor’s Gender, Budget, Location and Tutoring Subjects, we hope this search system will help parents/students to find their suitable home tutors easier.

Tutor’s Gender
This is pretty straightforward, however, a handful of tutors may have filled in their particulars wrongly due to carelessness.

Budget refers to the tuition fee. This is a tricky part because it is the most sensitive topic. We filter the tutors according to their minimal expected tuition fees and the fee does not apply to all students. It can be much higher, depending on many criteria, such as student’s level, location, subjects and others.

In order to simplify the location part, we have classified the different areas of Singapore into a few locations for tutors to choose.

Tutoring Subjects
This is pretty straightforward as well. However, do expect fewer results if you were to select more subjects because many private tutors prefer to focus on some subjects that they can teach well.

Honestly speaking, we have not been focusing on this search tutor feature much since the first day we start working on the tuition agency website. It is pretty clear that matching a home tutor and student is most of the time a tedious job. Both tutor and student’s sides have to accept each other and not simply based on the student’s requirements alone. Most of the time, the selected home tutors are not able to meet the timing of the students. Smart Tuition Singapore will eventually have to do the filtering job ourselves. It is therefore more straightforward to make request for us to search for the ideal tutors directly.

If you have any suggestion or comment, feel free to contact us. Meanwhile, we are working hard to enhance our services for all parents, students and home tutors!


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    Hats off to whoever wrote this up and posted it.

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