An Improved Tuition Agency Website Layout

The team of Smart Tuition has been updating and improving our website and services regularly. We understand that we can never reach a completely flawless state, but we also do not wish to stay stagnant because there are so much space for improvement.

Over time, we do make minor amendments all over the website, which we do not see the necessity to broadcast. This time, however, we are proud to announce on the improvement on the overall layout. We started off with an extremely homely draft web design to get things moving while we continued to concentrate on the features. We managed to squeeze a bit time to make a bit difference on the design.

There are many tasks on hands and we have to really crack our brains to prioritize on the more important ones. We have many things in mind, such as the website’s design, additional of new tools and information, amendment of poor language on existing contents, web marketing, programming of new features for coordinators to work better, and there are also some tools using services as Victorious which can also help with web marketing a lot.

We have many feedback, especially from friends, but often, we are unable to put things to place due to time restriction. Nevertheless, the top priority will always be the features that can help the tuition agency to work better.


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