Home Tutors Listing Updates

We are pleased to announce that the number of our approved home tutors has reached 3,000 two days ago. This does not include those who are still in our “holding” list due to some problems with their profile contents and, of course, those who are in our blacklist. Most than ninety percent of our tutors are actively looking for tuition assignments.

We have also improved on the home tutor list last month to give further credits to tutors who are willing to spend more effort by sending us their documents and uploading their photos. They will appear at the top pages of the listing. We hope more tutors will send us their documents before we start requesting for them because it will definitely slow down the progress of confirming the tuition assignments – we will only release the assignments to tutors who we have verified their profiles.

More improvements are definitely required for both our tuition agency website and services but will be progressively made due to time and manpower constraint. We hope you will stay and grow with us. Do give us your feedback whenever possible.


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