Basic Private Tutor’s Ethnic

Smart Tuition would like to remind everyone that there are many unspoken and unwritten rules for every private home tutor. No tuition agency can list out every single detail and it is definitely stupid to do so.

Most of these “rules” are basic ethnics, which a responsible person should have set for himself or herself. If a tutor has to look at a list of rules in order to know how to conduct himself or herself well, it does not speak well of the person.

One example is that a tutor should not take holidays right before the student’s major examination. Another more obvious tutors’ ethnic is that the tutor should have raised the issue before taking up the tuition assignment if he or she has already arranged for an overseas trip.

Our tuition strongly empathizes that tutors should not take up tutoring jobs only for the sake of earning income. Tutors should be passionate about teaching and bringing the best out of every student (tutee).

Whatever we do, regardless of tutoring or taking other job, we should take proper actions so that we can face our conscience. We should also not start to blame others when it is obvious that we have done something wrong.

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