NIE Tutors Verification

We have implemented a feature to display the verification of NIE certificate for all tutors. It will be shown on each tutor’s public profile (if he/she has enabled public listing) and the edit profile page after login (if he/she has indicated completion of any NIE course).

We used to note down the submission in a remarks column visible only to our administrators and coordinators. All profiles are updated manually. If we have missed out any submitted NIE document during the update, do pardon us and let us know. In order to speed up the progress, tutors can simply attach the certificate again in the email when contacting us.

We feel that it is crucial for NIE trained tutors to submit their documents as well since they usually command a higher tuition rate and some parents are engaging them because of the qualification.

It is although rare to encounter tutors who try to fake their qualification, we hope to play safe in order to be fair to parents who are engaging them. It is definitely an extra work for tutors to scan their documents and submit to us, we hope everyone would understand and cooperate with us.

We have also noticed that some tutors have indicated “NIE” even though they have not completed the course. It also happens to tutors who have yet to complete their degree courses. Therefore, our tutor list is sorted in order of documents submitted. We are still working towards a better system to reward tutors who are honest and less careless.

Do contact us if you have any feedback or suggestion.


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