Our Tuition Agency’s New Singapore Webhost

We have upgraded our tuition agency‘s server to a Singapore’s server yesterday and updated the Name Server. The previous server is based in Canada and thus it will affect the loading speed for people visiting the pages in Singapore. The webhost is quite disappointing given the number of downtime and poor customer service.

After pointing our domain name to the new server’s address, it will take some time for all Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Starhub, M1 and SingNet to update their DNS records. Most visitors will therefore experience viewing our site on the previous webhost before the DNS records are updated.

To prevent users, including our staffs, from updating the contents at different locations, which would cause problems, we had disabled login, registration and request for tutors on the old site yesterday.

By now, most of the ISPs in Singapore should have finished updating their DNS records and visitors should be led to our new server. We hope there is no error during the transaction. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Lastly, we are excited that our new server serves pages so much faster for users in Singapore!





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