Private Home Tutor Holding List Filtered

As mentioned previously, our tuition agency keeps our tutors in different lists. Only “approved” tutors will be used and also displayed on the home tutor listing page if they have chosen to be listed.

We have a “holding” list where home tutors who have not updated their profiles properly are kept. We hope they will login to their profiles and make necessary changes.

After some time, we will clear up the list. Tutors who have not being honest in their profiles will be moved to the “blacklist” while those who have made minor mistakes will have their points deducted and moved to the “approved” list after we rectify the errors for them.

Honesty is what we are looking at. We do not want to recommend anonymous or discreet tutors to our parents. Of course, some tutors may be too shy or want to take extra precaution, and they may not be dishonest in real person; however, we are not going to risk recommending them to parents. Hey, if we do not even trust these people, how can we recommend them to others?

We have quite a number of promising and sincere tutors who sign up with us everyday. We make friends and share knowledge and experiences. We respect each other.

Our tuition agency wants to focus on helping these tutors who are honest with us. We hope to filter and identify more good tutors who are committed to help students to achieve better grades.


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