Difference between Tuition Assignments Daily Updates and Tutor Registration

Some tutors are still having problems differentiating between the free tuition assignments daily updates feature and tutor registration. This entry seeks to address this issue, again. We have also been updating the instructions in the tuition agency website to make things clearer.

Tuition Assignments Daily Jobs Updates
Anyone can sign up for the tuition assignment daily updates simply by providing an email address, which means that it does not even prompt for the subscriber’s name for signing up. Its one and only job is to automatically gather the latest tuition assignments in a single email and deliver to the subscriber.

Register as a Tutor
Anyone who wishes to apply for any tuition assignment has to register as a tutor, whether he/she has signed up for the daily tuition assignments updates. In the registration form, we ask for personal particulars and preferences because we have to make sure both the tutor’s preferences and tuition assignment’s requirements are met. Our tuition coordinators have more work to do than just recommending any interested tutor to the parents – we have to qualify the applicants first. We need to know at least the basic details of the tutors that are prompted during the registration.

The main difference between them is pretty obvious.

Tuition Coordinators’ Job Scopes
We would also like to highlight that not all our tuition coordinators understand our tuition system fully. We work as a team and we have different roles. The tuition coordinators’ jobs are to do the matching and necessary arrangements. They are not required to know how to answer enquiries from tutors such as “why can’t I login?”. New contents and features are also added very often and thus we do not expect the coordinators to know everything; they just have to concentrate on their main job scopes to help the parents. We hope to seek your understanding for this.

In fact, most of the enquiries are already being answered in the FAQ page; some are being listed in the various pages as required. We really appreciate those tutors who have bothered to spend a little time reading through the pages before approaching us through the appropriate channel.


Lastly, we would like to announce that the tuition assignment feeds’ subscriber count has exceeded 700 a few days ago. This does not include the tutors who have not verified their email addresses after requesting for the daily tuition assignments updates. We have also made changes for the emails to be delivered between 5 to 7am (2 hours earlier) every morning for the sake of all early birds. We will not be pushing the timing earlier since we may still be making changes before 5am.


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