A Tight Period for Our Tuition Agency

Hi everyone!

Please note that our tuition agency‘s manpower is very tight for this week as a few of our teammates are not available. In order to protect the interest of everyone, including parents and tutors, and also to provide quality services, we are quite particular about getting people to join our team, which may cause delays as for now while we are in search of more suitable helpers.

Parents, do bear with us and give us more time to search for suitable tutors for your children. We cannot promise much but at least we can confidently tell you that our team do make extra effort to filter the tutors before recommending to you.

There are also many new tutors who have registered with us recently. It takes quite some time to do the document verification and thus, we are unable to get back to tutors who have issues in their documents submission. We would encourage all tutors to read through the home tutor verification page in order to speed up verification process.

Please be patient with us.


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