Tuition Agency Quick Summary for Year 2011

Smart tuition has attracted over 5000 tutors to sign up with us in year 2011. However, we have filtered and removed those whom we deem unsuitable or do not wish to risk recommending to our parents. At the last second of the year, we have reached the count of nearly 5000 approved tutors.

The count of our tutor based may not be larger than some earlier established tuition agencies, but we firmly believe in our strength. Firstly, all our tutors sign up on their own accord, which means that we do not buy database from any unknown source and can proudly sing the quality and willingness of our tutors. Secondly, we verify tutors’ documents to prevent scams and uphold credibility of registered tutors.

We have been improving our system regularly, to increase efficiency and user-ability. We have also added several features, articles and tools that are useful to visitors.

There are, of course some, setbacks during the year. The webhost was down a few times and we had changed the service provider because we knew the importance of the website. There were also bugs in the website that had caused inconvenience to everyone and we had raced to fix the problems. There were times when we made blunders and parents and tutors were forgiving enough for they knew we were doing our best. We had also faced nasty people who tried to undercut us even though they knew we depended on the little commission to sustain our services.

The tuition agency has come so far with the support from all clients and tutors, and most of all, the helps from our tuition coordinators. They have been putting their best efforts into helping all clients and tutors – this is what a group of good friends can do together.

Smart Tuition is still working on improving our services including the website. Please bear with us if we have not done well enough.


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