2011 GCE ‘A’ Level Results Are Out

We hope all the 2011 GCE ‘A’ level candidates have gotten the results that they have aimed for.

During result releasing periods for examinations such as PSLE, GCE ‘N’ level, GCE ‘O’ level and GCE ‘A’ level, we are always excited because we have tutors and students waiting to collect their results.

Some parents focus a lot on the results of the tutors and obtaining better grades means a higher chance of securing tuition assignments. However, our team also emphasize on the attitude of our home tutors. It does not mean that a person who can score well in the examinations must definitely possess the skill to impart his knowledge to others. Generally, a person who has passion in what he is doing will excel better than others and attitude makes a big difference as well.

The results of the students are testimonials to our tutors. However, we cannot judge purely based on the final results since different students have different levels of learning ability. Some students are pure lazy while others have not found their interest in the subjects or they are late boomers. Generally, students should improve after having tuition.

It is also a relief for our tuition agency on the administration side once tutors have collected their result slips. Generally, we would expect to look at the final official certificate or transcript in order to confirm that the tutor has attained the qualification. Some tutors do not understand our stand on the document verification, which have created extra work for us to do the explanation, and for a couple of times, tutors do get frustrated that we insist not to update their qualification. This is also why quite a number of tutors have indicated that they have attained the qualification of ‘A’ level while we have only updated their qualification verification status to ‘O’ level since they are only able to produce their ‘O’ level transcripts.

There are, in fact, many information that we have to add and improve on the website. We hope everyone would pardon us if we have not done well enough. If you have any suggestion or feedback, do contact us.

Tutors who have collected their GCE ‘A’ level result slips are highly advised to update their profiles and submit the result slips to us for verification.


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