New Tuition Coordinators for Our Tuition Agency

Recently, we have a few friends who have volunteered to join our team. Since we know them by real person, we can proudly say that they are very nice people who will certainly do their best to help everyone. Of course, since they are new, we would appreciate your kind understanding and forgiven if they have made any mistake. We have in fact quite a number of rules and procedures to follow and it will definitely take them quite some time to get used to the job.

Due to tight schedule, we are unable to update our new coordinators’ profiles on the about us page at this point of time. In fact, we have yet to introduce most of our existing coordinators to everyone. We have to prioritize on our tasks.

We are constantly looking out for new tuition coordinators due to the demand for our services. Some coordinators do become inactive due to personal commitments at times and we are gratified by every second of their great effort spent in helping everyone and our tuition agency.

Since last year, we have created a new career page for all interested friends who would love to join our team, which we have not blogged about it due to time constraint. We have just updated the page with more information and you may like to take a look at it if you are curious.


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