Over 8000 Tutors in Our Tuition Agency

We have crossed the margin of 8000 approved tutors registered with us by end of June 2012. To be exact, the date is 28th June.

The figure includes those who are currently not available for tutoring. Those tutors who are in holding and blacklist statuses are not included though.

The increasing number of home tutors in our tuition agency does create problems as there are more administration work to be done. We receive more enquiries and calls for assistance. Obviously, not all our tutors are good tutors. It takes time to explore their tutor profiles and interact with them in order to filter them accordingly. We have the responsibility of reducing the chance of introducing bad tutors to clients.

Eventually, all the tutors are our assets and we would really love to grow our assets. The more tutors means it is easier for our coordinators to find suitable tutors for each tuition assignment as well.

To us, both knowledge and character are equally important. Therefore, tutors who have attitude problems or are dishonest will eventually be blacklisted by us. Depending on the seriousness of the problems, we may share the profiles of black sheep with other trustworthy tuition agencies as indicated in our service agreement.

We are sure that many parents out in the market are looking solely on the tuition fee and do not care about how much extra services we are offering, which may affect the tuition sessions in the near future or long run. However, we are determined to continue with our screening of the home tutors.


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