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Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting our tuition agency blog. Sorry for the lack of updates here for the past few weeks due to tight schedule.

We have a piece of good news, which is our tuition assignments daily updates subscribers has hit 1,200 a few weeks ago. Thanks for the interest in our tuition assignments! However, to be frank and honest, not every tutor is able to get a tuition assignment from us in near future because of the tight competition. It depends a lot of the tutor’s profile and luck. The same situation definitely occurs in all tuition agencies. We have mentioned this a few times and do not wish tutors to get disappointed after weeks.

We have been battling against time for the past few weeks partly due to the fact that our tuition coordinator, ET, is involved in the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia singing competition. He is currently among the top seven contestants to compete for the two-year singing contract with Ocean Butterfly company. Some of us have been spending our time maintaining his website and Facebook fan page. We go down to the competition venue to support him every week and also spend hours to process the photos taken.

The reason we are taking our time and effort to help ET is because he is our team-mate and has been doing extremely good jobs. Apart from these and his good character, he is one of the most talented singers among the contestants as recognised by the judges. However, 70% of the competition’s voting power goes to public SMS voting, which costs $0.70 each and thus, we are not very optimistic over it. We sincerely thank all the clients and tutors who have spent the effort to vote for him after hearing from us about him fighting hard for his dream. We are very proud of his performance for the past five weeks.

This is a challenging period for our administration side. We are very thankful to all registered home tutors who have submitted their documents properly for verification because it really helps to reduce time wastage. It clearly shows that either you do bother to read and follow instruction or you have very high EQ to understand the minimal standard for the documents.

There may be some limitation to what we can do and we really hope everyone will understand our hardship and appreciate our effort.

Meanwhile, there are quite a number of other updates and we will be penning down details in this blog. Please check back again!


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    Tuition agency helps a lot especially for the individuals who want to improve their skills in learning. This is big advantage for the people who experience troubles in some of their subjects.

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