9000 Approved Home Tutors

Our tuition agency has reached the count of 9000 registered home tutors about a week ago. This number only includes those whose accounts are being approved. This is yet another milestone for the agency.

Over time, we have been removing handful of black sheep from our tutor list while a handful of tutors have also chosen to stop giving tuition.

We do not hesitate to blacklist tutors who have problems with their integrity or professionalism as these private tutors would only cause problems to both the students and our tuition agency. Whereas for those more fickle-mind tutors, we are pleased to exclude them from our team in case they give up the tuition assignments halfway through.

Our administration side is still tight with our schedule. This is a sign after all. There are always things to work on, such as improving our system and instruction. We have to prioritize our tasks and therefore, some less frequently used features may not be implemented any time soon. An example would be the feature for tutors to remove their uploaded photos – this feature has only been developed a couple of months ago.

There are many more improvements to be made. We may not be able to update the changes promptly over here. Please bear with us while we will always do our best to help everyone.





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