ET’s Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Journey

Our coordinator, Eng Teck, has emerged in the top five of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia competition. On his behalf, we would like to thank all parents and tutors who have helped to vote for him. Every vote counted and he really appreciated it.

Even though he cannot get into the final round, he is pleased because since day one, he already knows about the voting system and he is not from a well-to-do family to sustain long. Every day of stay in the academy is a bonus to him as he has finally received professional training and allowed more audience to see his talent. He has garnered more support than any other contestant though, with REAL fans approaching him.

He is currently busy holding “thank you” gatherings, rehearing for Sunsilk Academy Fantasia final performance and taking care of his tutees. We would expect him to return to join our force once his stuffs are settled down.

We hope he would be able to realise his dream within this two years.


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