Tutor Registration and Edit Profile Pages Updated

We have just updated the register as a tutor and tutor edit profile pages. The new layout should be more eyes pleasing to everyone. We are also able to include some short description for each section, hoping to avert issues of small portion of home tutors selecting wrong options.

All the information inside the “Education Records” are history of the tutors and not their preferences. For examples, “Graduated from NIE” is for tutors who have graduated from “National Institute of Education Singapore” and “Attending/attended IP” is for tutors who are still schooling or have graduated from Integrated Programme. Some tutors do not seem to understand what are these two terms and blindly selecting “Yes”.

For tutors who wish to teach student from IP courses, they can select the option “Teach IP?” under “Preferences”.

As part of the improvement, we have also changed all radio buttons to drop-down boxes for all the options to keep the form neater. We want to reduce the amount of texts to reduce the chance of tutors missing out some details. Default option for certain options are changed to “- Select One -” instead of the more commonly used ones. For example, the nationality’s default option is always “Singaporean” because most tutors are Singaporeans and it will reduce one click-job for them during registration. However, there are some tutors who would leave some options as default ones, including the gender (default used to be “female”).

Our tuition agency is always trying to “catch” these “blur” tutors to differentiate them from the more detailed tutors but eventually it has become too taxing/annoying for the administrator. There are too many other less tedious ways for us to judge the tutors than spotting such mistakes. We are always improving to meet our comfort zone while able to differentiate the good and bad tutors.

For the same forms, we have also changed “First Tutoring Year” to “Tutoring Experience”. A tutor had feedback some months ago that some tutors may have stopped tutoring in between and thus it’s more accurate to store the number of years they have tutored instead.

If you have spotted any bug, kindly let us know!


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