10000 Home Tutors Approved in Our Tuition Agency

Smart Tuition has reached the number of 10,000 approved home tutors in our tuition agency on 6 January 2013. The figure does not include tutors who are being blacklisted or kept in our “holding” list.

We are not looking at quantity, but rather, quality. Hence, since day one of our operation, we have been trying hard to identify good tutors. Our ideal tutors are those who are able to deliver their knowledge and also have good character because we believe both will affect the students. Therefore, we do not hesitate to blacklist black sheep who are arrogant or irresponsible, including tutors who focus too much on tuition fee.

There are a small number of tutors who would exit from tutoring services soon after registering with us as well. These tutors are wasting our time because every tutor takes up quite an amount of time on our administration side. We are, however, happy to remove them from our database because we do know wish them to disrupt the students’ studies halfway. We are trying to get tutors who can help the students till the end of the year. Therefore, we urge tutors to register as a tutor only if they are really passionate.

Our tuition agency does not send spam SMS. In fact, we have also paused most of our web marketing for almost the entire of year 2012 because we do not have the capacity to handle too many tutors on our administration side due to document verification is a major and yet non-profiting component. We appreciate tutors who trust us and sign up on their own accord through various ways, especially word of mouth.

We would like to thank all the tutors who have already submitted their documents for verification, especially those who have bothered to read up on our home tutor verification page and follow the exact instruction. Every little effort by the tutors can helped us a lot because we are handling tens over documents everyday.

Till this day, we never give empty promises to tutors such as guaranteeing a tuition assignment for them because it depends a lot on luck and their effort. What we have been doing is to increase the chances of good tutors through our system.

Let us do our part for the education of Singapore.


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