Home Tutors Listing Updated

Hi parents, students and tutors,

We have just made a minor but significant update to our home tutor list. We used to display all registered, approved and available tutors who have enabled “public listing” inside our tutor list, including tutors who have received lower rating from us. Now, we are only keeping the tutors with certain amount of rating in the list but they will still have their individual public profile available.

Our tuition agency does not hesitate to reduce rating of tutors who have created problems during tuition, failed to update their profiles properly and accurately, failed to submit their document properly, shown that they are totally money-driven, failed badly in understanding simple instructions etc. On the other hand, tuition tutors who have shown effort and good attitude will be rewarded instead. This helps to differentiate the tutors, which makes it fairer for the better tutors.

Needless to say, tutors who have given major problems will be blacklisted immediately.

The purpose of removing tuition tutors with lower rating from the home tutor list is to ensure that parents/students will not be disappointed after selecting them. Whereas, tutors with lower rating are still given chances to build up their reputation and credibility.

Smart Tuition reserves the right to advise our clients against using any unsuitable tutor.


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    Thanks for sharing the information.

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