Singapore Calendar and Calendar Planner 2013

Hi everyone,

We hope you have enjoyed the long year-end holidays and adapted to the beginning of year 2013. Let’s progress together for this whole new fantastic year.

Our tuition agency has done up some tools like previous years to help you to improve on your time management. In fact, we have created them quite some time ago. Everything is for free with no hidden agenda.

First, it’s our 2013 Singapore Calendar that is designed on a single page, which you can print out on A4 size paper. Stick one onto your noticeboard and slip one into your folder to keep track of date.

Next is our popular Singapore calendar planner 2013. Simply print each month on one A4 sized paper. We have spent time to align the columns neatly to utilize the space. We can guarantee that the calendar planner will certainly improve your life.

If you think this two calendar tools are useful, kindly share with your friends!


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