The Final One Top 20 on MediaCorp Channel 5

Dear parents and tutors,

Our coordinator, Eng Teck, also known as ET, is in the top 20 of The Final One singing competition. He is in the group two, which will be shown live tonight from 8 to 9pm.

Do kindly give him your full support!

There are both phone/SMS and Facebook voting from 9 to 9.50pm right after the show. Since everyone is entitled to 50 FREE Facebook votes, do give your support by casting your free 50 Facebook votes to him (ET Ong, contestant number 5).

You can simply go to the Facebook application page at Make sure you have LIKEd the page (can click the LIKE button on top) before you can “register” on the application, which requires only your name and email. After which, you can scroll down the photos and find ET, which is contestant number 5. Then, click “vote” repeatedly for 50 times. You do not have to count – once your free votes are used up, the application will prompt you to purchase ($$) new vote, which you can jolly well ignore it, unless you really love ET so much to spend the money.

We hope at least all the parents and tutors who have communicated with him will feel his sincerity and help him to achieve his dream.


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