Free Singapore Haze PSI Monitor for Android

With regards to the recent haze issue, Smart Tuition Agency is rather proud that all of us are working from home, or rather, can work from anywhere with Internet connection and phone. This helps to reduce health problem by not exposing to the saturated haze. Moreover, cutting down on travelling time can help a lot. Lastly, working from home would improve on work-life-balance.

The haze is gone and the PM2.5 value is in the healthy zone for the fourth day. However, the haze has trained us to take precaution against similar attack in future.

What we are proud of is the display of kindness by our fellow Singaporeans during the down period, such as distributing of free masks and “liang teh”. Different people are giving different contribution in term of what they are capable of.

One example is an Android haze application that is created to help people for free. Below sums up its current capability.

1. It’s totally free! With just small advertisement at the bottom that you can “purchase” to get rid of it.
2. You can enable an hourly notification that alerts when the PSI level changes (Whew! It doesn’t only display data).
3. The amount of information you need is minimized and transformed into one graphical form with colour indications.
4. Updates from the NEA website is handled in the cloud servers and is pushed in the fastest manner possible. Using of the cloud servers to push updates will allow you to conserve battery and data usage.
5. The amount of unnecessary features are minimized in order to reduce the app install size (2MB).

We are sure that if more people are using it, the developer would be more motivated to improve on this apps to include more useful features. You may not need it now but you never know you may need it sooner or later. Be prepared. Try installing it through the Play Store. It’s free and there’s no harm trying.

What have you done to help improving other people’s lives today?





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