Taiwan Super Idol 8


Our coordinator Eng Teck aka ET Ong is representing Starhub and Singapore in the Taiwan’s Super Idol 8 singing competition, together with another female singer, Natalie. We are absolutely proud of him and his passion.

You can see him appearing at the timing of 5:20 of the video above.

Thanks for all your support when he was taking part in the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia and The Final One competition. He has certainly made it so far because of all the generous voting. However, worry not, since this Super Idol competition is purely about his singing ability, unlike other competitions that are just competing over contestants’ family wealth. For all the rounds, ET will be judged solely by the respectable and fair judges.

As ET is taking part in this singing competition, he may be flying off to Taiwan every now and then, especially during weekends. If he cannot get back to you regarding any tuition assignment, do use the web form to contact us. For very urgent matter, you can find our contact number on the main tuition agency website.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

As a very efficient team-mate with excellent EQ, all of us will be missing him a lot. For you and us, he will be getting back to work on more tuition assignments as long as his time permits. After all, it is also his passion to help people and thus he loves the job.

By the way, Eng Teck is also taking part in the National Day Parade performance this year together. Yes, this is exciting – A Singapore singer has been working with you to find suitable tutor or tuition assignment for you.


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