Dear Spammers, Thanks but No Thanks

Since our tuition agency begins operation, we have been receiving many spams through email, SMS and even direct phone call.

Most spams come from internet marketers who want to hard sell us Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages. Others include printing services and even database. Most other tuition agencies have probably experienced similar problems.

We do not wish to encourage spam and thus even if we were to require any of the products or services from these spammers, we will boycott them. There are just too many available choices over the internet and there is no reason to trust companies that use spam methods.

Nevertheless, Smart Tuition is satisfied with the overwhelmed response from parents through words of mouth and we even have to cut down on our usual marketing. At times, we are overloaded. We do not just recruit any coordinator to join our team. There is something that many entrepreneurs may not understand about us – we value our job satisfaction more than money. There are quite a number of different ways to run a tuition agency and we prefer our current way despite it is not very profitable.

However, these spams have been causing damages to our usual running of business. Email and SMS spams are common to everyone, but not phone spamming. Imagine you have to pick up phone calls from four or more so-called SEO companies without just a couple of hours, you will definitely feel the frustration. Most of them come from private (block) numbers, while some obviously are from overseas, such as India.

We are amazed by the existence of the large number of SEO companies. Are they really so good that they can fool Google by spamming and getting hatred from other website owners?

We want our coordinators to pick up calls from our friendly parents and help them with finding of suitable tuition tutors. We do not want our coordinators to waste time entertaining pests over the phone. It may take only a few minutes to understand what the spam caller wants, but the irritation is frustrating.

We want all our team-mates to be happy with their jobs. Therefore, there may be steps to be taken to reduce spam, such as moving of contact numbers to other pages that are not so open for data miners to grab. This may defer some parents who prefer easier access of our contacts from contacting us, but we may just have to do it soon. Another option that we know is to switch to a more secure network connection similar to the ones on this site






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