Tutor, Your Fame will Spread

We had received an email from a parent a few days ago, asking us for help to get a replacement for her existing tutor. This tutor had been going late and even skipping tuition sessions without informing both the parent and student.

We had been keeping records of our tuition assignments. After looking through the assignment request the parent had sent us months ago, we were confused because it showed that she had found a tutor on her own. She was nice enough to look through her email account and realised that she had made a mistake since the tutor was recommended by another tuition agency.

As we searched our database using the tutor’s number, we realised she had signed up with us as well. However, we had not given her any tuition assignment since she had not verified her credentials. She was never going to get any assignment from us.

We are very amazed over the existence of such tuition tutor. Singapore is small and the fame of the tutor, whether good or bad, will be spread easily. Established tuition agencies will definitely skip them. If they are sincere in tutoring as a career, they probably will not want to risk being blacklisted by the tuition agencies.

It is acceptable to be late for tuition lesson sometimes since nobody has perfect time management and Singapore’s traffic conditions can be bad at times. However, we expect all tutors to have basic courtesy to inform the parents or students if they will be late, and also, extend the lesson. Of course, we have tutors who always stay longer for the lessons and we hope parents will be able to “give and take”. Skipping tuition lessons without informing the parent or student is one of the worst things to do.

We hope all tutors will take this as a learning lesson. If any tutor has such irresponsible working attitude, he or she can never go far – we would advise a career change.

Our tuition agency has been trying very hard to filter our tuition tutors and we do not hesitate to blacklist any black sheep. This is not an easy task but we believe we can remove most of them with our effort and the help of parents.

We sincerely appreciate parents who have given us feedback on our home tutors. Thank you!





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