12,000 Approved Tuition Tutors

Our tuition agency has crossed the mark of 12,000 approved tuition tutors yesterday. This does not come easy as we do not buy database nor do email/phone/SMS spamming to get tutors to sign up with us. Similar to our usual announcement of count of tutors, this number does not include those tutors who are in our “holding” list due to obvious errors in their profile write-up or information given. Of course, those who are blacklisted by our tuition agency or have chosen to give up on tutoring are not included.

Although it is a pain to go through individual profile and document of every registered home tutor manually, and having some of them choosing to give up on this career eventually, we are happy that they have at least sounded out that they do not need our service anymore. We are trying very hard to filter those tutors who are really passionate and good in delivery the subjects they have chosen. We value the character of the tutors too.

It is not an easy task. We make mistakes along the way but we get up and move on. We are just lucky to have met many kind and interesting people (tutors and parents) to keep us going.

Thank you everyone for your support in us all these years!





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