Tutor Document Verification is Mandatory

We have highlighted in various pages of our tuition agency website that we will require tutors to send us their documents for verification. This is crucial for us to deter fakers. This is also one of the few things we can do for our parents since we do not meet up with tutors face to face.

Our instructions are quite obvious since we have indicated this policy in the tutor registration page and also inside our welcome email. There are quite a number of tutors who have never intended to submit their documents despite wasting their time to sign up with us. We urge all tutors to read through our website before signing up with us, so that it will reduce any miscommunication.

For tutors who are not comfortable with submission of their documents, we are definitely not comfortable to recommend them to any parent. They should approach tuition agencies that do not bother to check their tutors’ credentials – most probably due to manpower issue.

There are also a few cases when our new coordinators miss out requesting the tutors who have applied for their tuition assignments to send us their documents. Those tutors who think that they are lucky are probably wrong as we may be blacklisting them. Our tuition system does provide the management with tutors’ statuses for checking.


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