Change of Singapore Domain Name Host (Registrar)

We have shifted our Singapore domain name to a new host (registrar) a few days ago right before its original expiry date.

Our previous host used to provide the cheapest service in Singapore but its price had more than doubled suddenly. One of our friends was actually caught unaware and had to foot the costly price due to the slowness in transferring to a new domain host.

Unfortunately, dot SG (.sg) domain names are so much more expensive than normal dot com (.com) domain names. We are not sure the reason but things are usually more expensive in Singapore.

It seems that our tuition agency website is working fine now. However, do let us know if there’s any issue so that we can clarify with our domain or server host.

Let us share some quick knowledge for all dot com dot sg ( and dot sg (.sg) domain owners regarding the transferring of domain name to different host.

Please ensure that your domain has at least a two-week period before its expiry date. If not, the new host may be unable to complete the transfer request. You have to first approach your current host/registrar to obtain the domain password (also known as Domain Auth code). Your current host should provide the password to you within a few working days.

One big problem is you may not know how to request the domain password. Our previous host has a control panel (cpanel) for us to log in and not all host provides such interface. No matter how useful the control panel is, however, there is no option to request for the domain password. Therefore, you will have to dig up your host’s support email address and email (remember to use only the email address you have registered with them) them to request for the password.

After getting the domain password, your new host will have a field for you to key in the password. All you can do is to wait. Once the transfer is done, your new host will bill you for the hosting.

The biggest problem is the time lapse throughout the process. Firstly, you have to get the domain password, which may take up to three working days. Secondly, you have to wait for your current host to transfer the domain name over to the new one, which may take up to seven working days. Therefore, the total time frame may take up to two weeks and if the domain name expires before the transfer is done, your fate is up to your current host and they can do very nasty things in the form of monies. Note that weekends are not considered as working days.

Frankly speaking, which service provider would sincerely welcome their customers to leave? Therefore, do expect some dilly dally! That means you have to do the transfer as early as possible.

Do take note that domain and webhost are different even though a company may provide both services, which they usually do to maximize profit. In simple form, the domain ( or .sg) name and web space are different things. We prefer using services from different companies for both of them though.

Hope this helps.


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