Holidays Season

Good December, everyone!

It’s towards the end of the year and most people are taking breaks after the long year of hard work. Our dear coordinator, Tricia Lee, is having holidays with her family as well. Although she has informed all existing clients about it, we just want to let all the returning clients know that she will not be able to pick up any call on her mobile now. For clients who need to find tutors, do use our web form to send a request, so that other coordinators can take up the tuition assignment. We will be able to catch up with Tricia two weeks later.


Coordinator ET Ong is still taking part in the Super Idol 8 competition in Taiwan. Therefore, he will have to fly to and fro Taiwan twice a month. The competition will last until the first quarter of next year. Hence, do expect that for certain week, you may not be able to get through his phone as well. We are proud that he is doing Singapore proud and will continue to show him support for his passion.

Therefore, we hope to seek everyone’s understanding for any inconvenience caused during this period of time. Our tuition agency‘s 24-hour web form is always available for any client to request for tutors and other coordinators are available as well.

We wish everyone happy holidays!


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