Congratulation to A Level Result Receivers

GCE ‘A’ level 2013 results were released on Monday. We would like to congratulate all candidates who have received their results.

We would also like to remind all our tutors who have signed up earlier on to submit their new ‘A’ level result slips to us for verification and also update the results in their individual profiles. Do note that we would prefer the final original certificates over the result slips.

We believe all our tutors are able to read and understand that the minimal certificate we require is GCE ‘O’ level. Therefore, for all tutors, please submit your GCE ‘O’ level certificate as well. It’s also pretty straightforward that if you don’t show your results, nobody will be interested to engage you to teach the subjects.

For tutors who are submitting their documents this week, please be patient as our tuition agency is expecting a higher volume of document submission. Note that we are also unable to respond to each tutor regarding the status – so, do log in two to three days after submitting your documents to check the status.

Finally, we would like to congratulate all GCE ‘A’ level 2013 candidates again. Regardless of the results, feel good if you have done your best! Hope you guys will be able to get your ideal courses in the universities.

For all the past and estimated result releasing dates, do visit our page.


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