13000 Home Tutors

Our tuition agency has gathered over 13000 home tutors by last month. This number does not include those tutors who are blacklisted, in our holding list and those who have chosen to remove their accounts.

We are glad to have implemented the feature earlier, allowing tutors to remove their accounts themselves instead of emailing us. This has allowed us to reduce time wastage for handling the requests individually. However, there are still a couple of them who have somehow emailed us instead of clicking the two buttons required to delete their accounts by themselves. We would do the job but not waste any time replying to them because we believe in utilizing our time for the committed tutors and nice clients.

We have no wish to retain tutors who have chosen to give up the profession because we believe teaching requires passion. By reducing the number of given-up-tutors in our list, it will also reduce time wastage by our coordinators for contacting them in future.

Although it is impossible to filter away all the bad or half-hearted tutors, we will try our best to keep our list clean!


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