Removal of Account for Tutors

In the past week, there is quite a handful of tutors who have removed their accounts. Tutors come and “leave” while our strength grows constantly (over 13000 tutors at this point of time).

We are grateful to the tutors for trusting us and joining our home tutor list in the first place. We are also thankful to them for removing their accounts by themselves, unlike some who do not bother until we contact them with suitable tuition assignments, and thus wasting our time and effort. Occasionally, there will be a couple of them who will email us to remove their profiles instead of simply log in to do it by themselves as stated in our service agreement.

Dear tutors (ex) who have left us, whether you have gotten any tuition assignment from us or not, we hope you have enjoyed the experience with us!

We do not sell any contact nor send any spam to generate additional income from advertising. We purely help both suitable clients and tutors to find each other.

Our working style is very different from most other tuition agencies and the entire tuition system is created by our team. We have done our best to build up our team with credential by enforcing document verification, recruiting trustworthy coordinators, assigning best matched tuition assignments and judging the tutors.

The way we run our tuition agency is definitely not very profitable but we are proud of ourselves.


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