2015 Calendar Planner is Up

We are pleased to announce that our Calendar Planner for year 2015 is ready.

We would like to thank Ann for reminding us to work on it. We had actually finished the versions without school holidays quite some times ago. While waiting for year 2015’s school holidays (primary and secondary schools) to be confirmed by MOE, the project was put aside. It was until Ann emailed us to enquire about it, we went to MOE’s website to check out the confirmed school holidays for year 2015. Fortunately, the official dates were released a couple of weeks before that. On the very same night, we had done up the last version and finally uploaded all of them, including the normal calendars.

It was heartwarming to know that people were expecting the calendars from us – it meant that our effort had actually helped many people. Personally, I had even witnessed a noticeboard in a nurse’s office (National Dental Centre) with part of the calendar. These had helped to push us to continue with the projects.

There are limited ways we are able to help the society at this point of time while we are still struggling with the agency’s daily work. The free tools from us are just little things we can contribute so far.

If you find the calendar planners useful or wish to show us some appreciation, do share the links via your Facebook, Twitter or other social media networks.


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