Self Deletion of Tutor Account

Hi (ex) tutors,

We are sure you are literate if you manage to sign up a tutor profile with us, and thus you should be able to read all the instructions on our website. We have spent lots of time to automate the tuition system, such that you are able to log in to update or even delete your profile. Our tuition system is not perfect but it allows every tutor to do the essential stuffs.

In our promise to our clients and the rest of the passionate team of tutors who have signed up with us, we will try to our best to keep the tutor list “clean”. Any tutor who is found to be having problems will be removed from our list. We also hope to clear up tutors who are not really serious in the trade, which is almost impossible since we cannot approach every tutor and ask, “Are you really serious in tutoring?” We do not wish to keep (ex) tutors who are no longer doing tutoring because it will only waste our coordinators’ time, which will also waste clients’ time.

At times, we do receive ridiculous emails/SMS/call from tutors who accuse us of putting up their information on the web. Most tutors who have signed up with us want to get tuition assignments and thus they wish their profile up on the web for parents/students to find them. We do not display any sensitive details such as IC, contact number and birthday, which means that the information being displayed to the public is safe. Most of all, all tutors get to choose whether to have their profile shown on the web or not.

Our tuition agency provides jobs and we are sure able-minded tutors will read through the pages before signing up. Signing up with a job company is different from signing up on a social media website.

Alas, we would like to urge all tutors who are currently not giving tuition to log in to set their availability to unavailable. Tutors who do this have to remember to log in again to update their profiles to available when they ready to tutor again, or otherwise, they will never be contacted by our coordinators. Whereas for (ex) tutors who are confirm not giving tuition anymore, they should log in and remove their accounts.

By contacting us with rude tone or using rude words, it does reflect on your character.

We are glad there are not many black sheep in Singapore who are giving us problems, even though the handful of them are causing enough frustration and wasting a lot of our time.

We would like to thank all the existing tutors for trusting and staying with us. You are our assets. We will continue to help you to find suitable students to the best of our ability and not simply dumping any student to you just to close the assignment fast.

Thank you!






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