Prioritizing good tutors

In Smart Tuition, we appreciate good tutors. Good tutors are tutors who not only can teach, but also have good attitude and a certain level of intelligence. Unfortunately, we have very limited resource and thus we may not be able to attend to people who “need extra help”.

We are often overstretched by weird issues. For examples:

  1. Person A emailed us to change her email address. We changed it and updated her. About two weeks later, she emailed us using the old email and claimed she could not reset her password.
  2. Person B deleted her profile after going through a few clicks on pages that warned her that she could simply set her availability to “not available” and she could not register a new account again because every registration took up a lot of our resources to vet through and verify. A couple of months after deleting her profile, she emailed us for help because she could not register as a tutor.
  3. Person C emailed us to ask if a tuition assignment was available. We have stated in our website the availability of every assignment. There are many tutors applying for every assignment usually and thus it is impossible for us to respond to redundant questions.

There are many different weird problems we experience everyday and it is impossible for us to list out all the stories.

There are all kinds of internet users and we will not be hypocritical to claim that tutors who have signed up with us are all good. There are dishonest, “blur” and lazy people who are trying to get tuition assignments from us and thus we are trying our best to filter them. The ratio of job applicants to tuition assignments is extremely high and thus we have to focus on every assignment instead. Tutors who give us unnecessary problems are also tutors who are less capable in meeting the demand of parents.

Hence, we apologise if we are unable to attend to every email.



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