It’s the quality of the tutor that counts

Smart Tuition focuses a lot on the character of the tutors who have signed up with us. We believe tutoring is not only about producing good academical results; every tutor is a role model and has to set a good example for the students.

Hence, we have been trying very hard to filter our list of tutors.

People who have been following us all these years would know our style of working and that every single of our registered tutors has signed up on his/ her own accord. We don’t believe in purchasing databases and having to deal with uninterested people.

Without a doubt, not all tutors who have signed up with us are serious about tutoring and thus it makes our filtering job more challenging. Unfortunately, we have to deal with harassment from bad tutors every now and then.

One common group of black sheep is those who managed to sign up on our website and months or years later, decided to give up on tutoring and suddenly lost their literacy in using web application. To put it in simple words, instead of logging in to their accounts to remove their profiles when they decide to quit tutoring (it’s on our service agreement), they decide to harass us instead.

Imagine if this group of people were to decide to delete their social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, will they email the platforms or call up the offices to demand their profiles to be removed? Do note that these are huge companies that have thousands more manpower than a small business.

While it can be frustrating to deal with people with extremely low EQ, we are pretty excited each time when we deal with such people because it simply means we have managed to discover a black sheep who doesn’t deserve to be listed with us.

We are sorry for not being sorry that we don’t reply to any black sheep, so that our time can be better spent helping people who truly deserve us.

The quality of our tutors matters a lot.


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