Home Tutors’ Photos Upload

We have implemented the feature for our home tutors to upload their personal photo to their profiles earlier this week. We hope our tutors can get more connected with the parents/students.

We are not encouraging parents/students to choose the “better looking” tutors, but rather, we hope it would cease their mind better before they decide to let a stranger go into their house, just by knowing how he/she roughly looks like.

It is up to each individual tutor’s choice to show their photos – we respect their decisions. However, we would reward the tutors who have made the extra effort to upload their photos by giving them higher priority in our system. There will also be more interesting features coming up.

We do want to help all tutors to get their ideal tuition assignments, but we need them to help themselves as well by updating their profiles with relevant information and things that can make them stand out from the rest.

For those tutors who have sent us their photos earlier, it would take some time for us to crop and upload them into the website and update the database. Meanwhile, please be patient and give us some time.

By the way, if you are having problems uploading your photo, do let us know.


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    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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