Spammer List Extended

Our tuition agency‘s spam list has extended to include some domain and services. They are as following:

These are the domain names related to spamming of our mailbox. In fact, they are all directed to our verification email address for tutors to submit their documents. We do not use this email account to communicate with anyone, not even replying to any of our tutors. Thus, the method the advertisers have used to grab the email address is likely to be through illegal way, such as hacking of email’s address books. We are very sure this email address of ours has already been stored inside some databases out there that sell email addresses to companies for spamming use.

Needless to say, we have not signed up for any of their services or mailing lists. Thus, there is no reason why they should send us anything in the first place.

We would like to call upon all business and individual to boycott the use of their services. Let’s play our part to reduce spam.






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