15000 Home Tutors

Last week, our tuition agency has recorded a total of 15000 home tutors in our database. The number excludes the tutors who have left the tutoring services or have problems in filling up their profiles (we put them in a holding list temporary, or rather, permanently if they don’t make effort to update).

It has been very challenging to handle so many tutors for the past few years. Despite we have made huge effort in filling the website with contents to defer bad tutors from signing up, there are many nasty people who still decide to try their luck. With the gigantic number of registration, it takes just one percentage of them to create problems to give us enough headache. This is apart from the number of unintentional problems caused by some tutors. We have frequent problems like tutors making typographical errors during sign-up and also negligence when it comes to document submission for verification. We can simply free up lots of time in administration work if we were to close one eye over many matters, but this is not just a business to us – we do with our hearts.

Running a decent tuition agency is not simple.


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