2016 Calendar Planner

We hope all is well for the first day of schooling for year 2016. It is pretty difficult to get over from the long New Year holidays but we still have to face the new challenges.

What is most important is to do some planning for the rest of the year. While mobile phone app is common nowadays, there are always pros and cons to using of the electronic calendar. Perhaps, if you prefer something more physical, you should try using our free Calendar Planner. Just download it and print them out on A4 size papers.

Yes, it is totally free. There is only a small copyright on the corner to credit to us.

We think the Calendar Planner is useful and thus we have been working on them every year. It is a few hours’ of work on our side and perhaps, quite tedious, but we realise they are very useful to many people. All we ask is for everyone to share it with friends and whoever may need them.

We appreciate those people who have feedback and thank us for the calendars. We have no time to reply every email one by one (our focus is on our clients who needs tutors) but the emails are really comforting. Keep them coming in please!


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