Revamping of Website

As more people are finding convenience in using smart phone, instead of laptop and desktop, to navigate through the internet, we see the need to make our website more mobile-friendly. Traditionally, internet users are used to use the scrollbar on the right side of the browser to scroll up and down when navigating through websites. If the website requires users to scroll left and right as well, it poses inconvenience.

Our existing tutors, parents and other visitors should know we have a large number of pages that provide many articles, tips, tools and features. Due to the style of coding for the previous layout, many things have to be changed on quite a number of pages and thus the process is extremely tedious. We shall not be too technical over here. However, we would like to seek your help to contact us if you have found any bug.

Please note that although we have tried our best to reduce the left-to-right scrolling of pages, there are some pages that have large tables of information that cannot be helped for the time being. We could have split them into different tables but that would pose another inconvenience.

For users who have visited our website in the past weeks, your browser may have stored the old files in the cache. Do force a refresh to your browser if the layout looks awfully wrong. For laptop/desktop users, you can use “ctrl” + “F5” to force your browser to refresh the contents.





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