Unregistered Tutors

Sometimes, we do have tutors who have unregistered themselves (deleted their own accounts) coming back and asking, “I couldn’t sign up as tutor. Please advice.”

The tutor may have registered two years ago and removed his own account eight months ago. He has even forgotten that he has signed up with us before.

Unfortunately, our tuition agency does not tolerate such tutors.

Firstly, the person seems to be absent-minded and may cause problems to us in near future. We also have doubts in how he can help students. Well, it actually takes a few clicks to delete their accounts and we have warned them on the page that they are not able to register as a tutor with us again.

Secondly, the person is obviously not dedicated in tutoring. Our parents are looking for long term tuition, unless otherwise specified, and we do not want any tutor to abandon the student any time.

Lastly, we do not have the time to entertain people (tutor-wannabes) who are wasting our time. It takes time and effort for us to go through all new and updated tutors’ profiles, and also verifying their documents. Therefore, with our limited resource, we will only focus on tutors who are truly sincere.

Of course, we are still trying hard to filter our tutor list, to reward the good tutors and blacklist the bad ones.


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